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Haybah: A Forgotten Facet of Manhood

Ask any Muslim to describe the characteristics which are present in a true Muslim man and you’ll get a laundry list of traits. Courage, piety, chivalry, generosity, etc. There’s one characteristic, however, that we all intrinsically associate with manhood but often lack the vocabulary to articulate. It was a quality that many of Imam Malik’s contemporaries described him with. It …

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Imam al-Layth’s letter to Imam Mālik

For the context of this letter, please refer to this post. — In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Form al-Layth b. Sa`d to Mālik b. Anas. I salute you with peace and praise Allah besides whom there is no God. May Allah grant prosperity to us both, and bless us with the good in this world and …

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Imam Mālik’s letter to Imam al-Layth

Of the most famous intellectual rivalries in Islamic history is the rivalry of Imam Mālik ibn Anas and Imam al-Layth ibn Sa’d. Both were tremendous legal scholars, both founded a madhab, and both were intellectual powerhouses. More importantly, both were men of impeccable adab and held each other in the utmost respect. Ibn al Qayyim al-Jawziyyah records some correspondence between …

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