Barbara Metcalf describes her stay as a guest at Dar ul Uloom Deoband


Barbara Metcalf is a famous historian specializing in the history of South Asia, particularly the colonial era. Along with her scholarly accomplishments, she has served as the president of the oldest and largest society of historians in the United States, the American Historical Association. When I was an undergraduate history student, her textbook A Concise History of India was required reading …

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Saying salaam to Muslim women

One of the things Muslim women complain about is that they see many Muslim men ignore them in person and don’t extend the courtesy of salaam. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in the inaccurate perception that non-Muslim men are more respectful towards women than Muslim men. The example of the Prophet ﷺ on the issue is very important. There is a …

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The Muslim Man’s Guide to Interacting with Women

One of the things I’ve noticed growing up in America is that despite the number of talks we have on proper interactions between men and women, there’s a distinct lack of practical advice on the topic. We’re told to strike a balance between being too free and completely walling ourselves off the opposite gender. But that’s not really practical advice …

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