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The Priest and the Paraclete: How a Franciscan Monk found Islam

Anselm Turmeda was an ordained Franciscan priest who was born in 1355 in the Spanish island of Majorca. He was very well educated. In addition to the normal primary education of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, he mastered the Bible in Latin and Greek. He later attended the University of Lerida in the Spanish kingdom of Aragorn where he continued with higher …

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Barbara Metcalf describes her stay as a guest at Dar ul Uloom Deoband


Barbara Metcalf is a famous historian specializing in the history of South Asia, particularly the colonial era. Along with her scholarly accomplishments, she has served as the president of the oldest and largest society of historians in the United States, the American Historical Association. When I was an undergraduate history student, her textbook A Concise History of India was required reading …

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Activism and the Paradox of Abu Talib


Activism. Imagine a man who’s done more for the spread of Islam than any Muslim activist alive today. A man who didn’t just help Muslims but helped the Muslim. A man who protected the Prophet ﷺ with his wealth and influence. A man who faced persecution for his activism, who was exiled into a valley, and rejected by his own tribesman. A man …

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How to Take Criticism Like a Man


How to Take Criticism In our 21st century Western culture, children are raised to believe that safeguarding their own feelings is the highest aim of life. Many elementary schools have dispensed with grades because low grades make student feel sad. This culture gives rise to men who have simply never learned how to take criticism properly. Taking criticism is tough. …

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