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Early Islamic History Demystified | Part 2: Immediate Succession


Part 2: Immediate Succession  After the death of the Prophet ﷺ, a discussion arose over who should be his successor. Key word here is discussion. Retrospectively, people pushing an agenda make out this discussion to be a very tense, almost violent altercation. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a disagreement that arose and was handled with the …

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Early Islamic History Demystified | Part 1: Historiography

Introduction One of the most confusing periods of Islamic history is early Islamic history. Those of us who grew up as Muslims almost certainly received a somewhat comprehensive education of the seerah. Weekend school and general reading provided a good overview of the lives and times of the four khulafah. But the era right after this is a big black …

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Paying for Medical School (Without Riba)

The prestige of being a physician has been part of Muslim culture from the earliest age. Imam ash-Shafi’i penned a couplet saying that the only two types of knowledge worthy of being considered knowledge are sacred knowledge and medical knowledge. العلم علمان علم الفقه للاديان و علم الطب للابدان Even in the 21st century, physicians routinely rank at the of …

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