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Islamic Etiquette of being a Guest

A few months ago, we had an article on how to be a good host. There’s also the flipside to that, however. How can you be a good guest? While Islamically, there is a strong emphasis on being a good host, that doesn’t mean that we have no guidelines for being a good guest. A lot of this will vary …

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A Muslim Man is Punctual

A very shameful trait that has become common in Muslim communities is tardiness. People joke about the concept of “Muslim Standard Time”. Despite how ubiquitous this habit is, it’s a habit that any Muslim man wanting to emulate the Prophet ﷺ should remove from his life. The Prophet  ﷺ said “Verily Allah has prescribed ihsan (perfection) in all things.” (Muslim). Part of having ihsan …

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Ahmad Shawqi and the Weightlifter

Ahmad Shawqi was an Egyptian poet who pionereed the modern Egyptian literary movement. He was considered by many to be one of the greatest Arabic poet laureates of the modern age and was given the title Amīr al-Shu‘arā’ meaning The Prince of Poets. In 1930, an Egyptian man by the name of As-Sayyid Naseer won an international weightlifting competition. The people of …

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