Imam Ash-Shafi’s poem on his deathbed

إلَيكَ إلـهُ الخَلْـق أرْفَــعُ رَغبَتِي *** و‘نْ كُنتُ يَا ذا المَنّ والجُودِ مُجْرِما ‘To You, the Creator, I rai...


The Importance of Shame

One of the turning points of McCarthyism in America was a famous phrase uttered by the chief counsel of the United State...



Appearance and Grooming

Introduction to Fragrance Part II

Continuing on from last week's article on fragrance: How to choose: Blind buys on fragrances is always risky. Every pe...


Creamy Thai Chicken Curry

One thing I picked up in medical school is cooking with a slowcooker. If you're busy and short on time, you can make som...