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Hayba: A Forgotten Facet of Manhood

Ask any Muslim to describe the characteristics which are present in a true Muslim man and you’ll get a laundry list of traits. Courage, piety, chivalry, generosity, etc. There’s one characteristic, however, that we all intrinsically associate with manhood but often lack the vocabulary to articulate. It was a quality that many of Imam Malik’s contemporaries described him with. It …

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Abou Ben Adhem. A poem by Leigh Hunt

Ibrahim ibn Adham was one of the early ascetics in Islamic history. According to legend, he gave up his throne in order to live a life of a simple worshiper. Whether or not that’s historically accurate, Ibrahim ibn Adham is particularly known for his exhortations towards piety, simple living, and focus on worship. The poem below was written by Leigh Hunt, …

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Lessons in Fatherhood from Ibrahim alayhis salaam

When the Prophet ﷺ was blessed with a baby boy in Madinah, he had to make the decision that every new parent must make–choosing a name. Out of all the names that he could have chosen, the Prophet ﷺ chose a name that had a special place in his heart. He chose the name Ibrahim, saying “I have named my son Ibrahim …

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