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Saying salaam to Muslim women

One of the things Muslim women complain about is that they see many Muslim men ignore them in person and don’t extend the courtesy of salaam. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in the inaccurate perception that non-Muslim men are more respectful towards women than Muslim men. The example of the Prophet ﷺ on the issue is very important. There is a …

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Imam al-Layth’s letter to Imam Mālik

For the context of this letter, please refer to this post. — In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Form al-Layth b. Sa`d to Mālik b. Anas. I salute you with peace and praise Allah besides whom there is no God. May Allah grant prosperity to us both, and bless us with the good in this world and …

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Imam Mālik’s letter to Imam al-Layth

Of the most famous intellectual rivalries in Islamic history is the rivalry of Imam Mālik ibn Anas and Imam al-Layth ibn Sa’d. Both were tremendous legal scholars, both founded a madhab, and both were intellectual powerhouses. More importantly, both were men of impeccable adab and held each other in the utmost respect. Ibn al Qayyim al-Jawziyyah records some correspondence between …

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