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The Priest and the Paraclete: How a Franciscan Monk found Islam

Anselm Turmeda was an ordained Franciscan priest who was born in 1355 in the Spanish island of Majorca. He was very well educated. In addition to the normal primary education of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, he mastered the Bible in Latin and Greek. He later attended the University of Lerida in the Spanish kingdom of Aragorn where he continued with higher …

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How to Explain Shari’ah

This is a modified version of a post I wrote about two years ago on the subreddit “AskReddit”. It’s based on a presentation I gave at my local masjid about Shari’ah. At the time that I gave this presentation, an orchestrated campaign by a Brooklyn lawyer demonizing Shari’ah had prompted several states to sponsor anti-Shari’ah legislation. While the topic is no longer …

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