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Malcolm X’s Letter from Mecca

There is perhaps no American Muslim who left behind a larger legacy than Malcolm X. Born in Omaha, Nebraska as Malcolm Little, he bounced from foster home to foster home until he eventually found himself in prison at the age of 20. In prison, he became a member of a black supremacist organization called the Nation of Islam. The NOI taught …

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The Muslim Man’s Guide to Air Travel

Air travel while being Muslim can get….complicated. While there’s no telling when you might find yourself being interrogated and questioned by the FBI for speaking Arabic, there’s still things you can do to make the journey as painless as possible. Pre-Security Get to the airport early. If you haven’t budgeted time properly, the smallest delay can derail your entire trip. …

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Saying salaam to Muslim women

One of the things Muslim women complain about is that they see many Muslim men ignore them in person and don’t extend the courtesy of salaam. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in the inaccurate perception that non-Muslim men are more respectful towards women than Muslim men. The example of the Prophet ﷺ on the issue is very important. There is a …

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